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News spring/summer 2023

NEWSLETTER  1: Kevin Crawford and collaborators SPRING/SUMMER 2023

This spring and summer I am offering a number of workshops all in collaboration with inspiring artists and teachers. Each of these events is varied, in length and content, in form and aim. I do hope to see you in one of the workshops, and begin or renew our work together. Below you will find a very short introduction to each of them, which will refer you to my website where you will find fuller information in English, French and Italian.  My best wishes to you, Kevin

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Workshop:  The many Voices that Resound within
with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma (Cellist)
Dates:  29-30 April 2023
Content: We invite you to participate in a workshop that opens up your vocal possibilities, and introduces you to hidden sources of creative expression. It allows you to fully explore your vocal potential and harness this energy in simple musical and textual for
Where: Teatro Nunc, Via Dante 82 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Tuscany Italy
Further Details: The many voices that resound within

Intensive Workshop: The Voice-a key to unlocking creativity
Directed by Kevin Crawford and Chiara Claudi
Dates: 16-18 June 2023
Content: This intensive workshop opens the many doors of the voice, and lets us explore our creativity and presence through that medium. Chiara Claudi and Kevin Crawford guide us through a series of entry points into the rich seedbed of the voice: its deep resonance with feeling, its potential for expressive authority, its unique role in human relations and communication, and its artistic potential
Where: Teatro Nunc, Via Dante 82 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Tuscany Italy
Further Details: The Voice-a key to unlocking creativity

Intensive Workshop: Follow Your Voices
Directed by Kevin Crawford & Paula Molinari
Dates: 8-13 August 2023
Content:  In this workshop, we will tease out your signature sound, and invite those other voices that also wish to be heard, thus developing the range of sound and timbre. Participants gradually introduce text and song to‘fix’  and weave their particular vocal story, past, present, and future.
Where: Centre Artistique International Roy Hart, Malérargues, 30140 Thoiras, France
Further Details: Follow Your Voices

Intensive Workshop: A Protean voice – finding Form in Text and Song
Directed by Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma (Cello)
Dates: 17-20 August 2023
Content: Over the four days of the workshop we will propose several entry points into the very fabric of your voices and from this fabric will emerge form, in text, song and improvisatory sounding. Our aim is not to establish a definitive interpretation, but rather to open up new perspectives and stimulate our capacity for metamorphosis: subtle nuances and dynamic shifts
Where: Castiglion Fiorentino(AR) at Nunc Tuscany, Italy.
Further Details: A Protean Voice