Voice and Text

Kevin's teaching reaches out to a wide public:

– Performers from all disciplines, theatre, dance and music

– A varied body of practitioners who wish to augment their skills
in vocal expression

– Individuals wishing to discover more about their voice,
its potential and connectedness to their lives and workspace

Voice and Text

Voice and text channels the voice and soma approach towards the exploration and expression of text. By rooting this work in a body that is itself resonant with the building blocks of sound, participants learn to approach text in a non-prescriptive manner.

Informed by the opening effect of somatic awareness and exploration of sound, texts are introduced “drop by drop”, word by word, gradually building up a mesh of images, sound qualities and actions.

These give flesh to the written word and deliver it towards an authentic oral presence. By inviting particpants to share their textual research in partner and ensemble settings, surprising and sometimes insightful interpretation emerges. Texts included range from solo pieces to duologues and ensemble chorus.

Voice Course - Voice and Text

Further information and registration: please email me at info@kevincrawfordvoice.com or use the contact form.

Kevin Crawford
Living in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy
Worked with Roy Hart and was founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre from 1967
Has been teaching since 1975

At this point in my teaching I do not espouse a single philosophy or approach, although my work is permeated with Roy Hart’s direct legacy. My aim is to invite students to re-examine their assumptions about the voice, and to propose a coherent approach that they can refer to in their personal and professional life. My place in this is as privileged observer, informed ‘provocateur’ and patient guide for reconstructing a wider vocal vision.