Kevin Crawford Voice

– Kevin has collaborated with a large circle of performers and creators.

– Kevin is a versatiale artist and teacher,
who opens up new trails between voice and the somatic self.

– Kevin’s work today is clearly informed by his primal source,
the work of Wolfsohn, Hart and Roy Hart Theatre.

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Articles on Kevin’s work

Voice Symposium at the Roy Hart Center 6-16th July 2021

I review a ten day intensive workshop that brought together Estill Voice Training, Fitzmaurice Voicework and the Roy Hart Tradition

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Shakespeare and Commedia

I reflect on the links between Shakespeare and traditional Commedia dell’Arte
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Vocal Traditions: The Roy Hart Tradition co-authored with Noah Pikes

This article is an overview of the Roy Hart Tradition tracing its story from its founder Alfred Wolfsohn, through its development by Roy Hart and its transmission through Roy Hart Theatre to its present-day expansion.
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Music, Movement and Madness in Heightened Text

Inspired by reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sachs, I reflect on how certain ‘games’ we play in class open up fresh perspectives.
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