Courses Overview

Kevin's teaching reaches out to a wide public:

– Performers from all disciplines, theatre, dance and music

– A varied body of practitioners who wish to augment their skills
in vocal expression

– Individuals wishing to discover more about their voice,
its potential and connectedness to their lives and workspace

Courses Overview

His teaching treads a path between clear exercises drawn from his years of experience, and propositions that stimulate the imagination and may find expression through textual and musical material. He believes very much in a trans-disciplinary approach to the voice, integrating somatic awareness with exploration of range and sound quality. Partner work and ensemble creativity are two fundamental supports to personal growth, preparing participants for their next steps in vocal expression.

Voice and Soma

Voice and Soma courses introduce participants to the basic parameters of somatic awareness that underpin a holistic approach to vocal expression.
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Voice and Text

Voice and text channels the voice and soma approach towards the exploration and expression of text. By rooting this work in a body that is itself resonant with the building blocks of sound, particpants learn to approach text in a non-prescriptive manner.
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Voice and Music

Voice and music orients the work towards a musical setting, enabling participants to forge links between sound and song, voice and instrument, word and musicality. The raw material of sound is transformed into an embracing musical form.
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Online Voice

On-line (voice) courses can complement courses that rely on direct physical presence. Most importantly they enable us to keep present and alive our whole organism, as it expresses itself through the voice. Relationship, feeling and sympathy can be transmitted even in the absence of physical contact. The voice’s very non-corporeal reality does extend over a digital connection. Giving voice online is not ethereal but it is palpable.
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Voice and Devising

The voice can be a central partner in stimulating devised and physical theatre. By enabling the voice to reach a wide arc of its possibilities, we also increase our expressive palette.
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Long Term Training

Once particpants have encountered both Voice and Soma and at least one of the other workshops above, it is possible to envisage a longer-term and regular training. This is designed to provide participants with the skills to integrate this approach within their work, performative or professional.
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One on One

Solo sessions can be a precious opportunity to focus on specific issues and challenges in a non-judgmental context.
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Voice for the Work Space

The work lends itself to being tailored to the needs of professionals working across a wide range of activities: Education, Public Relations, Management, Sales, Coaching.
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See Voice Course pages for detailed course information.