Kevin Crawford Voice

“The voice is at the same time the most powerful expression of an individual
and yet the most immaterial:
it is a mixture of gut intelligence and spiritual aspiration.
It dwells deep inside us and bodies forth in waves, in vibration to the world around us.
The voice comes wrapped in words or flies out in musical sound.
It is a protean substance capable of transformation, disguise and revelation.”

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Welcome to Kevin Crawford Voice

Kevin celebrates the voice in its manifold forms: summoning it forth in workshops, drawing out its creative potential in performance, but also listening to its promptings, while writing poetry or prose. His work is founded on over fifty years dedicated commitment to the voice as a path to authenticity and self-fulfilment.
For Kevin, teaching, performing and writing all emerge from the same source: the deep wish to communicate and share with another, with others.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Kevin in a workshop setting, be it in person or online. Whether you are interested in honing your vocal skills for performance, discovering your own unique vocal identity, or grappling with the challenge of finding your voice in the rapidly changing landscape of the work space, Kevin is strategically placed to help you pursue and realise your aims.


Upcoming Events

Intensive Workshop August 2024 A PROTEAN VOICE with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma

THE PROTEAN VOICE Intensive Workshop - finding Form in Text and Song with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma (Cellist) (La versione italiana qui sotto/version française ci-dessous) Dates 22-25 August 2024 Content This intensive workshop is a rare...

Intensive Workshop June 2024: The Voice – a key to unlocking creativity – Kevin Crawford & Chiara Claudi

Intensive Workshop: The Voice-a key to unlocking creativity Directed by Kevin Crawford and Chiara Claudi (La versione Italiana qui sotto/version française ci-dessous) Dates: 7-9 June  2024 Content: This intensive workshop opens the many doors of...

Workshop April 2024: THE VOCAL RAINBOW – Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma(cellist)

Workshop: THE VOCAL RAINBOW - Two days of exploration of your voice, expanding its potential for expression with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma ( Cellist) (La versione italiana qui sotto/version française ci-dessous) Dates:  20/21 April 2024...

Featured Event

New Book on Roy Hart by Kevin Crawford and Bernadette Sweeney

Bernadette Sweeney and I are delighted to tell you about a new book on Roy Hart and the early Roy Hart Theatre that is coming out on the 11th March. This an opportunity to dive deeper into the story of a man and his theatre company that have left a...

Voice Courses

Voice and Soma

Voice and Soma courses introduce participants to the basic parameters of somatic awareness that underpin a holistic approach to vocal expression. Particular attention is paid to the role of vertebral plasticity in the use of the moving parts of the skeleton, and how this connects with the surrounding tissues that impact most on the creation and delivery of sound.

Voice and Music

Voice and music orients the work towards a musical setting, enabling participants to forge links between sound and song, voice and instrument, word and musicality. The raw material of sound is transformed into an embracing musical form. Improvisation is now guided by attentive listening and an increasing sensitivity to its effect.

Voice and Text

Voice and text channels the voice and soma approach towards the exploration and expression of text. By rooting this work in a body that is itself resonant with the building blocks of sound, participants learn to approach text in a non-prescriptive manner.

Online Voice

Online courses can complement courses that rely on direct physical presence. Most importantly they enable us to keep present and alive our whole organism, as it expresses itself through the voice. Relationship, feeling and sympathy can be transmitted even in the absence of physical contact.