Workshop – Bringing Voice Together (Online Voice)

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Workshop – Bringing Voice Together (Online Voice)

First Online Intensive Workshop

Dates: 7, 8, 9 May 2021.

Like many artists and practitioners whose primary medium of expression is through direct physical contact with others, Kevin has struggled to adapt his approach to a digital medium. However, following collaboration with Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and their very effective use of digital communication in delivering their widely sought after certification, he has been inspired to adapt his work.

Recent one- on-one teaching and an intensive online workshop he offered to the Janacek Music Academy in Brno, Czech Republic, have convinced him that on-line training constitutes a valid and powerful alternative. Indeed, on-line courses can complement courses that rely on direct physical presence. Most importantly they enable us to keep present and alive our whole organism, as it expresses itself through the voice. Relationship, feeling and sympathy can be transmitted even in the absence of physical contact. The voice’s very non-corporeal reality does extend over a digital connection. Giving voice online is not ethereal but it is palpable.

Kevin offers one-on-one voice online, as well as small group classes and workshops.
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