The Voice: Discover, develop, enchant

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The Voice: Discover, develop, enchant

9 -12 December 2021

Intensive Workshop directed by Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma at Teatro Nunc, Castiglion Fiorentino

This workshop is an opportunity to concentrate on your own vocal development. Our approach brings body and voice together in a way that allows each participant to contact their own vocal potential and explore it confidently. The combined presences of Kevin Crawford, founder member of Roy Hart Theatre, with more than 40 years teaching experience, and Caroline Boersma, cellist, who has collaborated with actors on a number of projects, bring depth to this work.

The sessions commence with a vocal and physical warm-up (voceesoma) to activate our ‘instrument’. Progressively we enter deeper into the vocal material of each participant. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to an ‘atelier’, in which we introduce text and music. Guided by Kevin Crawford, the participants are encouraged to find a renewed vitality in words and their symbiotic relationship with music. The cello is an active partner in improvisations, that lead towards full textual and musical expression.

Open to all: no prior musical knowledge required. Please wear suitable clothes for movement.