My Voice, My Partner Intensive Workshop in Tuscany

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My Voice, My Partner Intensive Workshop in Tuscany


My Voice, My Partner

Directed by Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma (Cellist)

An intensive four-day workshop around the theme of partnering: the voice as partner, text as partner, instrument as partner: the dialogue with the other. This workshop lets us look closely at how the act of partnering can be a key to releasing and revealing a depth of communication through sound, word and song.  Listening becomes an active verb that prepares the way for dialogue and intention that comes from a genuine source of feeling and imagination.

This workshop includes

  • Vocal and physical warm up that prepares us physically and sensitizes us to touch and sensation
  • Voice sessions that explore vocal territory and expand our range engaging us in acts of imagination and presence
  • Atelier of partnering and dialogue guided by Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma, cellist: allowing empathy and listening in depth to create the conditions for an unforced embodiment of text or song with a fully experienced need to communicate

Practical Details

Dates:  19-22 August 2021

Times: 19 August 15-19h, 20 and 21 August 10-13h and 1430-1730, 22 August 10-14h

Participants: 6-8

Place:   Castiglion Fiorentino : in Tuscany approximately 15kms from Arezzo and 7 kms from Cortona – Small medieval town huddled against the Apennines with a wide range of services and accommodation – only 7 minutes walk from the train station which is on the main Florence-Rome train line :

Cost:    225 Euros

Accommodation: There are at present several listings on Airbnb that are reasonable and very well positioned: for example

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Kevin Crawford
Living in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy
Worked with Roy Hart and was founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre from 1967
Has been teaching since 1975

At this point in my teaching I do not espouse a single philosophy or approach, although my work is permeated with Roy Hart’s direct legacy. My aim is to invite students to re-examine their assumptions about the voice, and to propose a coherent approach that they can refer to in their personal and professional life. My place in this is as privileged observer, informed ‘provocateur’ and patient guide for reconstructing a wider vocal vision.

Caroline Boersma
Cellist, Baroque and Classical, Workshop Facilitator
Living in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy

In my workshops “Your voice – My cello”, I help participants to discover their vocal potential through the vibrational power of the cello. Sympathetic resonance occurs between the instrument and the voice creating an atmosphere where the participants can find creative release through text and song.

Born in Amsterdam, Caroline studied Cello at the Amsterdam Conservatory before moving to Italy, where she has played for a wide variety of ensembles and orchestras including the Symphonic Orchestra Santa Cecilia in Rome. As well as her career as a cellist she has collaborated in music-theatre performances in Italy, the United States, France and The Netherlands.